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Open Harvest Pantry is a shared mission among faith communities in the Lewisville-Flower Mound area, serving Southern Denton County individuals and families in need. We are a Christian based organization and serve our fellow man following the teachings that Jesus gave to us.

Our purpose at OHP is to bring food comfort to those in need. Though we do not directly have all the resources and programs available to meet every need one might have while in crisis, we know there is help and hope out there. Our core mission is to provide emergency food services for those who might otherwise face hunger. Once those needs are met, we can help those who come to us with information to access longer-term assistance and programs available locally. We offer encouragement and caring for those going through a trial, and we will gladly walk alongside them in their times of need.

Our only request is that the strong lift up the weak and those with resources give through us to those without. Everything we do and everything we offer is a gift from God, and we thank Him and worship Him through the member communities of faith who operate our pantry.



What We Do


OHP is a food pantry supported by the Tarrant Area Food Bank and is open and available to all those in our Southern Denton County service area who are in crisis of not having enough to feed themselves and their families. It represents the basic food categories, and while it will not supply all of a family's food needs, it should supplement those needs up to 50%. We work closely and cooperatively with Lewisville Christian Community Action (CCA) to avoid duplicating what they offer - therefore we are available to those that do not qualify or have to wait for CCA benefits. Our pantry hours are every Saturday, 8:00am - 11:00am. Call (972) 839-7395 with any questions.



Social Service Advocacy


We are here for those who have needs and do not know where to go. What we do not offer ourselves, we may know where to go or have people who know how to find it. We will walk with those in crisis and try to help them navigate a complex system of services to make sure they receive needed help as soon as possible.

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Open Harvest Ministries
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Phone: 972-740-2055





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